While serving as a Student Leader and a Rotaract Club secretary, Stephen Machua was approached by his friend Calvin Jodisi to form a non-governmental organization. Together, they formed the Change Mind Change Future (CMCF) organization.
The goal was to inspire youth in schools and colleges to unlock their talents and use their ideas to change communities. The organization created a platform for young people to serve as peer mentors and for professionals to give back to schools through mentorship.
As fate would have it, his colleague secured a fellowship in the US and he was away for a long time. Stephen Machua had a huge task to steer CMCF through its infant years as the chief executive.
He took the bull by its horns and formed organization structures with the knowledge gained from his degree course. He recruited over 300 volunteers who championed the organization activities actively for 2 years.
When his colleague came back, Stephen took an inactive role to concentrate on studies and his newly found interests in entrepreneurship.